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To The Roof Of The World

Himalayan Challenge

Chandigarh  •  Manali  •  Zanskar  •  Kargil  •  Leh  •  Gemur  •  Manali

The Himalayan
Challenge 2023

Team Firefox riding high on the success of two outstanding events takes you to Leh on this pure motoring adventure of a life time.

Starting from Chandigarh, the drive covers five high mountain passes including the highest motoring road in the world to Umling La 5798M (19,024ft) giving you the bragging rights of a lifetime. Other notable passes Rohtang La (3978M), BaraLacha La (4850M), Tanglang La, and Shunkula Pass.

This event spans over 9 nights starts from Chandigarh.
There will be a Regularity Run on 7 days of the drive for first 100KM every day. Special awards and trophies will be presented.

We have outlined a spectacular route, a scenic drive especially the way to Zanskar Valley and the drive to Hanle from Pangong. This is a striking opportunity to experience the beautiful Ladakh in a curated drive for enthusiasts with lots of bonhomie and fellowship.

Enthusiasts can witness the MotoGP at BIC, Delhi on 24 September, 2023 and come to Chandigarh on 26th for Check In, Registration, and Welcome Dinner. The flag off takes place on the morning of 27 September, 2023 from Chandigarh.




Register &
Drive with Us

By dropping us an e-mail to receive information about the event, registration, and entry fee details.

Total entries limited to 60 slots. 


This year for the Himalayan Challenge, we drive 1850+ kms.

In a mix of 30 Classic Cars between 1955–1996 along with 30 Modern SUV's.

Sponsored by

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The Himalayan Drive 2022 Calendar!

Bring home a calendar that celebrates the scenic wonders from the past Himalayan Drive!

Team Firefox


Rajan Syal

7 Himalayans.

Winner - Top Indian Crew

(with Harvijay Bahia) 1982-84


Subhash Goel

3 Himalayans.

Winner - Top Indian Car 1983

(with Rajiv Rai)


Rajiv Rai

3 Himalayans.

Winner - Top Indian Car 1983

(with Subhash Goel)


Indrojit Sircar

Technical Support
For The Himalayan Drive


Harvijay Bahia

6 Himalayans.

Top Indian Crew

4th & 5th Overall 1982-84


Anmol Rampal

Motorsport Professional,
Driver Coach,
Past Rallyist & Racing Driver

The Team


  • Is this a car rally or a competition event?
    Neither. This is a non-compete event and purely a drive on a specified route. All cars will be expected to drive within speed limits.
  • What service is being provided for puncture assistance or minor repairs of the vehicle, if required?
    We will have a sweeper car with a team of mechanics to help out for any unforeseen breakdowns. If the breakdown is of a major nature, team will assist the car to be taken by a flat bed to the nearest major town service for repairs at your expense. Please understand only repairs of a minor nature can be attended to.
  • Do I need special insurance for the drive? 
    Not required, but a valid vehicle and third party insurance is mandatory and personal accident insurance is recommended for the one-week duration of drive.
  • Will there be any medical assistance, if required?
    A team of doctors will be available on the drive and can assist for any minor ailments. Major ailments which require hospitalisation and ambulance will be arranged to the nearest hospital on the route at your cost.
  • Is the drive open for bikes? 
  • What will we have to carry in the car for the drive?
    We will send to the registered participants, a list of items that will be mandatory to carry in the car.
  • What will be the average temperatures during the drive?
    Somewhere around 16°c during the day to a low of 6°c in the night.
  • How will we know what is the route for the drive?
    Road books will be issued every day for the drive which will have clear route instructions and easy to read tulip based on odometer readings.
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